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Home Movie Night for the Family

Having a home movie night is a way to involve the entire family in a family moment. Sometimes, however, it is easier said than done, so finding something of interest to older kids is the key. Food is often the secret weapon in gaining their participation.

If you’re trying to give your family a nutritious boost without spending a ton on groceries, there are two easy, delicious treats to make for home movie snacks – homemade donuts and smoothies.  Smoothies give a great deal of fruit vitamins, and donuts taste great and make for tomorrow’s breakfast!

Smoothies are a simple process, as they only require fruit, milk, juice, and ice.  Choose the fruit combinations that you or your family prefers — popular mixes are strawberries and bananas, or oranges and blueberries, or cherries and vanilla flavoring — and blend together with the ice, milk, and juice.  If you desire thicker smoothies, add more milk; for thinner smoothies, add more juice.  Smoothie maker blenders are often designed especially for smoothies, but are only individual portions, so make sure you’re using a large enough blender for the entire family.  If your kids are fussy about vitamins, simply add them into the mix for extra doses of vitamin A and C.

Donuts require a bit more preparation.  The dough is a simple process, only flour, eggs, milk, and yeast — if you enjoy thicker donuts, add less yeast — mixed together.  Pour the batter into rings, or strips for eclairs and bear claws.  Drop the rings in frying oil, and be careful not to leave them in to long or they will burn.  Let the donuts cool, then apply a sugar glaze, frosting, or even fill the inside with jelly.  Donuts usually only last one or two days before they go stale, so eat quick!

Be sure to take some photos of the family cooking and watching their movie. In years to come this will help everyone recall the time fondly.

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