Streaming Netflix On PS3: How It Works

With the ability to stream movies directly on the Playstation 3, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for the gaming console.  The best part is that it’s extremely easy to get started.  In this post I want to show you how this works with a current Netflix subscription and without so that you can start getting the most from your PS3 console.

If you already have a Netflix account, just log in and find the link that takes you to the different game systems that are available for streaming video.  Xbox 360 also has this feature, but both systems do the job equally well.  In order to start you have to request a special disc that comes in the mail.  This disc has to be used every time you want to watch a movie, so protect it well!  Once the disc arrives, you are asked to visit your Netflix account page online where you are given an activation code for the disc to work.

Without a current Netflix account, you have to sign up for a new one to get this all to work.  I recommend the $8.95/month package if you are going to mostly use the PS3 for movies, rather than having them mailed to your house.  This plan allows one movie out at a time and unlimited steaming movies.

The online interface works a lot like the Netflix site.  You are given recommendations, can search through titles, and browse away to your heart’s content.  Keep in mind that not all movies and TV shows are available this way, but almost all of the older selections are there.  The quality of the picture depends on your internet connection speed, but most the time it streams pretty close to HD quality.

For only nine bucks a month you can have on demand access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows right on your PS3.  It’s worth every penny, even if you only use it a couple of times a month, but you’ll end up using it way more than that!

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  • Shutter Island Bluray says:

    You have clearly state how to stream movies directly on the PlayStation 3 in you post. Its indeed a good news not only to the gamers, but also to us movie fanatic.

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  • Cesar Huebner says:

    I downloaded Mass Effect last week and, even though its a”dusty” game, its the best PS2 game in my opinion =)

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  • accredited online degrees says:

    Streaming Netflix is the best invention. What a great business plan on their part.

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