3 Fun Comedies to Rent on Netflix

Sometimes you just need a good laugh because you are having a bad day or you need some cheering up. If you are looking on Netflix for some good cheap comedy dvds to rent, there are a few that you can consider. These movies have been making people laugh for a while now and are some of the favorites.

The Great Outdoors – This is one of the best movies from 1988. How can you go wrong with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd? Two families who really don’t get along too well find themselves spending a week together in a cabin in the woods. Guest appearance by the bald headed bear of Claire County! The raccoons are hilarious!

Toy Story – Loved by people of all ages, this family film follows a bunch of toys and the rivalry between Woody and Buzz. They eventually find out that their owner is moving and they don’t want to be left behind.

A Christmas Story – Even though this is a Christmas movie, it’s still one of the biggest favorites for a comedy when looking through Netflix. Who can resist the kid getting his tongue stuck to the flagpole, the boy being pushed down in the snow, and don’t forget the mother constantly saying that the kid will shoot his eye out if he gets a bb gun for Christmas?

These are just a few of the favorite comedy movies that people rent on a regular basis on net flex and ones that have stood the test of time. If you need a good laugh or just some cheering up, you won’t go wrong with renting one of these movies. They never let anyone down when they are in need of a laugh, and they are something that many people have rented to cheer them up on a gloomy day.

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    Ideal film for every person. Everyone should make these kind of films so that a great impact should be taken.

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    You have clearly post some categories of comedy story. This could easily help me to decide what kind of comedy movie i would love to watch.

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  • Erin Turner says:

    Dan Aykroyd can have some bad and corny comedy movies too but he is a great comedian:-“

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