Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever!

Netflix Making Internet Viewing Easier than Ever! Proving Again Why They Remain the top Rental Site Around.

Netflix hasn’t ignored the billions of customers using their internet connection for more than just email. In fact, streamed movies and videos are becoming more popular than ever and around 42% of Netflix customer base is already hooked onto online video on demand. With options so great, why not? Customers get instantaneous access and don’t have to add ‘mail back DVD’ to their mounting to-do lists. As computers become more powerful and internet connections more readily available throughout the country, Netflix realizes that people want to make the most of their free time by watching their favorite flicks on their laptops.

Their goal is to provide 100+ Netflix ready devices for online streaming by the end of this calendar year. On January 11th, they announced their partnership with five major corporations that will easily bring this goal to fruition. Sanyo, Panasonic, Sharp, Funai and Emerson are all on board and should be offering reasonably priced devices up and coming very soon.

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    I too believe that Netflix has become so popular these days that it has attracted large no. of internet customers.

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