Netflix Will Be Available on the PS3

Netflix Will Be Available on the PS3

Playstation 3 will soon have Netflix streaming like other game councils on the market (XBox). There’s just one additional step that PS3 owners will need to perform each time they want to watch streaming Netflix content, a temporary install. Netflix has produced a disc that will be available in the coming weeks which will allow for content to stream but the software needs to be installed each time. The company has setup a reservation form at the following location:

Embedded Solution

The steaming disc presented the fastest and easiest way for PS3 owners to stream Netflix according to the company. Netflix hopes to have a permanent solution next year that will not required the streaming disc to be inserted for the service to operate. Wii is another game council the team at Netflix hopes to have streaming options for in the future as their current agreement with Microsoft for the XBox has been beneficial for both companies.

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