Netflix Free Trial Compared to the Blockbuster Free Trial

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Netflix Free Trial Compared to the Blockbuster Free Trial

Both online movie rental services, Netflix and Blockbuster, offer free trials at this time to allow new subscribers the opportunity to test their service. Both services are quite similar but also have some differences that you should consider.

The Similarities

Both Netflix and Blockbuster provide an online queue within your membership area. This queue holds in order the movies you would like to receive from the company on a rental basis. Once you finish watching a movie, return it in a prepaid envelope, and the next movie in your list or queue is sent to you. The number of movies you can have at one time is the only factor that varies and is dependent on the plan you wish to pay for.

The Differences

Blockbuster has the added bonus of allowing movies to be returned to a participating store location in your area. Overdue fees and late charges may apply though when you choose to return it physically to Blockbuster instead of mailing a watched movie back to the company. When you do return the movie you are giving a free in store rental which is a great benefit that Netflix is not able to provide. I personally liked the select of movies available better with my Blockbuster free trial.

Other differences relate to Internet streaming options which are rolling out independently by the two companies. At any one time, one company may provide the service on the game console you have already in the home while the other company is still working on making the services available. Each company also offers compatible devices that you can purchase that allow for instant watching. Broadband connections are required for the service.

The Costs

Costs for the plans are the same at this time. The initial 2 week trials is free with plans ranging from $8.99 a month to $16.99 a month depending on the number of movies you want to have at home at any one time. There are one, two, and three movie rental plans. Make sure to cancel your trial during the 2 week period if you do not wish to continue.

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