Pokémon Version Platinum: The Next Battle

Pokémon Version Platinum: The Next Battle

There’s more than likely not a child or a teenager alive today who hasn’t heard of Pokémon Platinum or played one of the games. Pokémon, the super successful card and gaming franchise started with a cartoon show and morphed into a video game giant that hundreds of thousands of kids still enjoy. The latest version, Pokémon Platinum, is a fan favorite just like all the others.

The Beginning

For those that are not familiar, Pokémon began with Ash Ketchum and his little Pokémon, Pikachu. An electric rodent, he is one of the most prominent of the charming miniature creatures. Pokémon in Japanese means “pocket monsters.” And since 1995, Pokémon has expanded from the broadcast series featuring a juvenile boy on a quest to become a Pokémon master to the video games and the card games known and cherished across the globe.

Nintendo DS

Pokémon has earned vast amounts of money for Nintendo who introduced the creatures to the video game world years back. Pokémon is considered to be an RPG, or role-playing game for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo has released preceding versions with Ash and his associates traveling to innovative locations and acquiring the latest Pokémon, the most recent versions for the Nintendo DS are Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. The Pokémon video game series is safe for the whole family and rated E for everyone.

Earlier versions of the Pokémon video games were also released on Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DS provides two screens for play as well as gorgeous graphics of the new-fangled locations in the latest episode, Distortion World. Since the Pokémon games are RPG, you are battling in the company of your Pokémon against other masters. In the game there is only one player but you can expand this number and play wirelessly with up to twenty other Pokémon players.

Pokémon Premium

Many of the scenes in the newest release are reminiscent of previous versions but there are still the addictive properties of attempting to capture every Pokémon that you can get close to and moving onto the next level. This is what everyone loves the most about Pokémon: We have to catch them all! It surfaced as the mantra in the early stages and is still the motto of all Pokémon lovers today. Pokémon Platinum presents a great story line that continues the narrative as well as interactive conversation for the players.

The designers of Pokémon began with 151 (the genetically engineered MewToo included) and now there are almost 400 unique Pokémon species. Some are evolved characters of an original or second generation Pokémon but all have their own special features that make them difficult in battle. Yes, there is battling. That is what Pokémon training is about, winning battles. Pokémon owners compete against one another in tournaments for the opportunity to be awarded the champion and win a top prize. There are also opportunities to trade Pokémon characters and be awarded new ones at the end of a challenge.

The fame of Pokémon and the Nintendo DS has kept players purchasing the handheld games even with console versions on the market and in homes. How many more prized metals and charms are not parts of Pokémon versions? No one knows but we’ll all need to find more to keep up with the Pokémon franchise.

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